Adopted in May 2016, the BikeRaleigh Plan builds upon the work completed since the 2009 Bicycle Plan. It provides a framework for the City of Raleigh to improve safety and comfort for bicycling in the next five to ten years.

Join us as Mr. Trung Vo, Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager for the City of Raleigh, as he describes the multitude of cycling events and good works happening in the ‘City of Spokes’.  Raleigh’s cycling culture has expanding rapidly along with the growth of the city, and you will be amazed at the breadth and extent of its programming.

About Trung Vo:  Trung Vo is the Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager for the City of Raleigh and does everything he can to make bicycling and walking safe, comfortable, and convenient forms of transportation and recreation. His work as a licensed engineer and certified planner includes planning and designing bikeways and walkways, education and outreach, and the implementation of Raleigh’s newest transportation option: bikeshare. Trung bikes to work every day and frequently rides for fun with his wife and one-year old son.

Please Note Our Dinner Location!  

Our meetings are held at the Hickory Tavern, located in the Parkside Town Common,1156 Parkside Main in Cary.  (Click here for directions.)  Please note that we meet at 6:00 to eat, and the meeting will start around 7:00NCBC meetings are open to the public.