Here’s the deal.  If you call for help during the ride, my very first question will be, “Do you have the Raven Rock Ramble app installed?”  If you do, your life and mine will be much easier, because you can send me your location with the touch of a button and I can forward that to a sag driver.  But the new, fully-rewritten Raven Rock Ramble app does MUCH more than that. So much so that I’ve created several short videos (below) to demo all the function. The app leverages function from RideWithGPS and Epic Ride Weather, and there’s a video that describes that as well.


Install the app through the Apple App Store or Google Play – just search on “Raven Rock Ramble”. The app is free, and there are no advertisements or in-app purchases.


Raven Rock Ramble app demo (4:27)

Raven Rock Ramble app related apps (2:02)

Raven Rock Ramble app for volunteers (2:30)

Your action

Please(!) install the app and watch the demo video prior to the ride. It will only take a few minutes and will make the Raven Rock Ramble easier, safer, and more fun.


David Cole, director
Raven Rock Ramble
“Promoting awareness of organ donation and benefiting the UNC Kidney Center for direct patient services”

p.s. If you have the old Raven Rock Ramble app installed, you should uninstall it, as it’s no longer current.